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7 Ways To Up Your Gift Game This Christmas

By December 19, 2019No Comments

Whether you only have a handful of people left to buy for, or haven’t even made a dent in your Christmas shopping list yet, we challenge you to flip the script this year!

Don’t just buy a present – gift an experience. Why? Because they are thoughtful, personal and you can’t compare them to any other gift out there! Plus, how many exhilarating adventures does one person go on? Read on for some refreshingly fun reasons to surprise your favourite people this Christmas!

Experiences never go out of fashion

Fast fashion is exactly that. Here today and gone tomorrow. And the same can be said about the latest games console or iPhone. So instead of reaching for the latest fad, opt for something that will stand the test of time: an unforgettable experience. A surf lesson or coasteering adventure on Cornwall’s beautiful coastline will never get old.

It’s scientifically proven

Psychologists have termed the fading happiness factor on routine activities ‘hedonic adaption’. No matter how good a gift makes us feel upon receipt, the excitement begins to fade as it becomes part of our daily lives. So gifting an experience will not only make you stand out, but that kayaking adventure or sunset SUP session will stick in their minds (and even improve over time) far longer than the 10,000th game of Call Of Duty.

kayaking in cornwall, orange sunset

Memories last a lifetime 

You don’t need us to remind you that toys break, seams tear and watches stop. But we will anyway! Memories made with the ones we love last a lifetime and literally keep on giving. For this reason, experiences are priceless! And they needed cost a fortune either. Surfing lessons in Harlyn Bay can be snapped up from £25 per person.

Girls surf lessons at Harlyn Surf School Padstow Cornwall

Share the love

Experiences are best shared, and what’s better than gifting a best friend memories you can make together?! 

They’re the most fun

Gifting a loved one an experience beats a new pair of socks any day! What’s a better way to treat seaside loving kids, than by giving them an opportunity to tackle the waves they’ve been admiring from the shore? 

And if you aren’t sure which experience to choose, don’t panic – you can always let them pick their own with a Harlyn Surf School gift voucher.

group stand up paddle boarding

We all have enough ‘stuff’

Thanks to Marie Kondo, decluttering our home is high on the hit list, so why bombard family with more clutter at Christmas? In the spirit of less clutter and more memories, spark joy instead of raised eyebrows by gifting an experience – they’ll never end up forgotten about in the back of a cupboard. 

Last minute shopping saviour

Gift vouchers are printable at home in just a few minutes, so if you’re having a last minute shopping panic, or have an unexpected emergency gift to pull out of the bag, then all you have to do is reach for the printer and voila! To get your last minute Christmas shopping done in an instant, head over to our gift voucher page.