SUP Paddleboard Lessons

With Harlyn and the surrounding areas offering amazing paddling locations we operate paddleboarding / SUP lessons and guided tours all year round. Come and join us on a paddleboard adventure and discover the joys of this super popular activity!

Intro to stand up Paddleboarding

Our “Intro to SUP” lesson take place on the stunning camel estuary in Padstow they will leave you feeling confident to stand up, paddle, turn and simply enjoy flat water paddling. We’ll start with a ‘dry run’ where you will become familiar with the equipment and SUP safe practices. On the water we will go through basic paddle strokes you can use to navigate through the water. We will teach you how to turn and manoeuvre the board with ease! Paddleboarding in Cornwall is an amazing experience so come and learn to SUP with us! Min age for this is 12yrs.

  • Level 1 paddler

£50 per person, Location Padstow. Please see Find out more for full details

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Guided SUP Tour

Our guided SUP tours are perfect for exploring and designed for those who have done a little paddling before – you do not need to be an expert just bring your sense of adventure! Our adventure guides can give you tips along the way to help your paddling and will guide you around the Padstow estuary or from one of the beaches in the area. Limited paddle skill & personal fitness required. Low impact and highly accessible to beginner paddlers. Skills required.

  • Recommended minimum age 12yrs and able to manage a SUP board by themselves
  • Level 2 paddler

£50 per person

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Private Family Paddleboard lessons

Our family paddleboard sessions are a great way to get everyone on the water. You will learn to knee paddle, gain board control and stand! These sessions are specifically designed for families to enjoy this amazing sport together. Recommended min age 12. Price on application

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Private SUP Technique Special

Feeling reasonably confident on your feet, had a lesson before and can paddle a SUP board with simple turns? Want to improve your paddling skills, discover different turning techniques and help increase your confidence on the water. We have a variety of boards and paddles for you to try if you are particularly looking at purchasing your own. The technique session/s will focus on your specific needs, we can incorporate video to help you break down your paddle stoke which will help you to improve and refine your skills. These are 1hr private lessons max 2 people.

Private SUP 1.5 hr

1:1 £120 pp

1:2 £100 pp

1:3 £75pp

1:4 £70pp

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Monster SUP

Monster SUP is a 17ft giant SUP board!!! We will take you through the basics of knee paddling, learning to turning this giant beast and then managing to stand and tame it! Monster SUP can be used for scenic river paddles, coastal tours or for a fun fuelled surf session. This is great activity to do as a family or for groups. We can take individual bookings but a min number of 4 people is required for the session to run. For larger groups we have a fleet of monster SUPs available, this is a great alternative family or group sessions!

£45 per person

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Private SUP Surf Session

After you have developed good paddling skills and are confident with your stand up paddleboard on flat water, you may want to add an exciting new dimension by taking your paddleboard into a surf environment. This is a terrific experience and a real highlight. You will learn important safety skills, how to paddle out through small surf, enhanced turning skills, wave selection, positioning and surf etiquette.

Safety is our priority and for that reason we operate on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis depending on the conditions. If you are unsure of your ability please call us to discuss further.


  • 1:1 1.5hr session – £100
  • 1:2 1.5hr session – £80pp
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What level SUP’er am I?

Level 1 SUP

Level 1:

I have never tried paddle boarding/ I have given it a go once but need a refresher/ I need to learn the basics/ I have never had a lesson before/ I want to learn to Sup safely

Level 2 SUP

Level 2:

I have paddle boarded a few times/ I feel comfortable and in control standing and paddling on a SUP Board/ I’m keen to explore and paddle a further/ I’m comfortable on slightly choppy water/ I can turn the board and self recover

Level 3 SUP

Level 3:

I am reasonably confident at paddle boarding / I have paddle boarded a few times, had lessons and hired kit / I have been out on slightly choppy water and felt fairly stable / I can self recover

Level 4 SUP

Level 4:

I am experienced paddler/ I am relatively active and fit/ I am comfortable in windy choppy conditions / I have paddled in the ocean/ I can paddle out through small surf

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