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For more than 12 years, hundreds of children age 8 – 14 have discovered the joy of surfing at our kids’ summer surf camps. Our summer holiday surf camps  offer children bags of fun, the chance to make new friends and the opportunity to learn an important skill in a safe and supportive environment. Camps start at just £115 per child and are inclusive of all the kit. 

Here’s four reasons to book your child onto our popular surf camps this summer:

A fun-filled space to explore

Nothing beats the pure joy of learning how to ride the waves on a surfboard. Get them off their phones and iPads and into a real-life adventure in nature on the breath-taking scenery of the Cornish coast (pirates, beware!). Who knows what animals or sea creatures they’ll spot!

Opportunities to learn new skills

Surfing is a great way for kids to learn confidence in the water. By getting a feel for the waves, they will improve their swimming skills and water safety knowledge. It’s a great opportunity to practice coordination at a key point in their physical development.

Girl Surfing in Surf Lesson

Build confidence in all areas of life

Hitting the ocean waves for the first time or learning a new skill is a big step for youngsters. As they practice under the safe and supportive guidance of our instructors, they become more confident mastering new skills. It teaches children that they have it in them to tackle the worries or anxieties of everyday life.

Make real and meaningful friendships

Relationships and social connections are crucial to your child’s happiness (and health!). Surf camp is a great opportunity to build a social community outside of school, with a shared interest of the outdoors and riding the waves. Our summer camps facilitate friendships and positive experiences for all ages, building a strong sense of community – that’s why children return year after year!

Kids with Surfboards

Respect for the planet they were born onto

By spending time in the ocean, children develop a deep awareness for the marine environment and the creatures that inhabit it. We teach children to respect the ecosystem and we find the more time they spend in the water, the more they connect to their planet on a deeper level.

Your child’s 2020 adventure starts here. Book your child’s place on summer surf camps online now:

Beginners Surf Camp 3 sessions starts Mon 13th July and every Monday, with last one starting Monday 31st Aug.

Improvers Surf Camp sessions starts Mon 13th July and every Monday, with last one starting Monday 31st Aug.