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Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand Up Paddleboarding (or SUP as it is widely known) is great fun! We love trying new activities and have embraced paddleboarding and are proud to be one of the first companies in the UK to teach SUP having started in 2006. Cornwall is a great place to learn to stand up paddleboard and we have some great locations to take you paddling. Our intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding lessons will get you started and then you can book on to one of our amazing paddleboarding tours where we can introduce you to some amazing places. Check out our newly launched Guided SUP tours page

Intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding , 2hrs. £40pp

Our “Intro to SUP” session will leave you feeling confident to stand up, paddle, turn and simply enjoy flat water SUPing. We’ll start with a ‘dry run’ where you will become familiar with the equipment and SUP safe practices. On the water we will go through different paddle strokes you can use to navigate through the water. We will teach you how to turn and manoeuvre the board with ease! Lessons run at your own pace, we’ll have you standing in no time! Paddleboarding in Cornwall is an amazing experience so come and learn to SUP with us! 

  • recommended min age 10yrs if younger please contact us to check if they can take part (min height 5'0ft) If under 16yrs we recommend they are accompanied by an adult. 
  • wetsuits and SUP boards included.
  • group Intro session £40pp 2 hr session- see full Price list.  Contact us to book 

Mini Guided SUP tours, 2hrs, £40pp

Have you been Paddleboarding before? and looking to do a little more exploring and feel comfortable with basic paddling then our Mini tours are perfect for you. We will guide you around the padstow estuary or from one of the beaches in the area. Our 2 hr Mini tours are great to see the amazing sites we have to offer. You do not need to be a pro these session are specifically for novices paddlers and our great instructors can give you tips to help you feel more at ease on the water. 

  • recommended min age 10yrs if younger please contact us to check if they can take part (min height 5'0ft) If under 16yrs we recommend they are accompanied by an adult.
  • wetsuits and SUP boards included.
  • group tours £40pp 2 hr session- see full price list. Contact us to book 

Guided SUP tours, 3hrs £60pp

These sessions are slightly longer and we offer a wider range of SUP locations. click here to find out more details to the exciting new offering. 

SUP Technique Special, 2hrs £50pp

Feeling reasonably confident on your feet, had a lesson before and can paddle a SUP board with simple turns? Want to improve your paddling skills, discover different turning techniques and help increase your confidence on the water. We have a variety of boards and paddles for you to try if you are particularly looking at purchasing your own. The technique session/s will focus on your specific needs, we can incorporate video to help you break down your paddle stoke which will help you to improve and refine you skills. 

Contact us to book

Monster SUP Flatwater, 2hrs £45pp

Monster SUP is a 16ft giant SUP board!!! Yes that's right.. this SUP can hold up to 6 adults + one guide. We will take you through the basics of knee paddling, learning to turn this giant beast and then managing to stand and tame it! Monster SUP can be used for scenic river paddles, coastal tours or for a fun fuelled surf session. This is great activity to do as a family or for groups. We can take individual bookings but a min number of 4 people is required for the session to run. For larger groups we have a fleet of monster SUPs available, this is a great alternative family or group sessions! 

Contact us to book

Private SUP lesson

Looking for a more personal experience specific to your needs then a private SUP lesson would be the best option for you. We offer a range of lesson lengths depending on what you want to gain from the session.

1hrs- £50 1 person, £80 2 people, £105 3 people, £140 4 people

2 hours small group £280 min 4 people, max 6 people £20pp additional cost. 

Contact us to book

Find Your Paddleboarding (SUP) Level

level 1- Beginner: I have never tried paddleboarding/ I have given it a go once/ I need to learn the basics/ I have never had a lesson before. 
Level 2- Beginners: I have paddleboarded a few times/ I feel comfortable and incontrol standing and paddleing on a SUP Board/ I'm keen to exlpore and paddle a further/ I'm comfortable on slightly choppy water/ I have tried paddling on calm seas, rivers or lakes a few times/ I can turn the board with ease and feel comfortable moving around on the board
Level 3- I am reasonably confident at Paddleboarding/ I have paddleboarding a few times, had lessons and hired kit/ I have been out on slightly choppy water and felt fairly stable/ I have tried paddleing in lakes, rivers and the sea/ I'm keen to try longer paddles, learn more about exploring/ I'm reasonly activite and do other sports/ i can turn the board useing pivort turns.
Level 4- I have paddleboarded many times before/ I have explored, rivers, lake, sea useing a SUP boards/ I'm relativly active and have done other paddlesports/ I have tried various SUPboards before/  I have been on SUP tours tours, had lessons/ i have my own board/ I paddleboards regulary/ I'm very comfortable on choppy water, been out throuhg small surf and fairly storng winds. 


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