Kids surf lessons offer so much more than ‘just’ learning a sport. Yes there’s certainly an element of fitness involved (after a few hours in the surf your nippers will definitely have worked up an appetite!) but surf lessons can also educate children about the power of the ocean, how to respect nature, staying safe in and around the water and how to have confidence using their bodies.

Here at Harlyn Surf School we teach children of all ages and specialise in taking young children from 5-7 years old. Teaching your kids to surf gives them a love of the world around them and an understanding of the delicate balance of the earth’s natural rhythm, giving them a love of the ocean which they’ll take with them right through into adulthood.

If you are thinking about teaching your kids to surf and introducing them to the wonderful world of wave riding, here are 5 reasons why we think kids surf lessons are essential and what they can offer…

kids surf club

1) Understanding the Ocean and Beach Safety

A huge part of learning to surf involves understanding tides, weather systems and the ocean swells which affect our coastlines. Wave theory is an important part of kids surf lessons here at Harlyn Surf School and we teach pupils how waves are formed and the different types of waves and winds they will encounter while they are on the beach.  When we teach kids to surf we educate them about how to recognise surf conditions, what they mean, and how to stay safe when using the beach. Our vision is to create experiences that will enhance kids appreciation, respect & understanding for sustainable living. It’s all about practising safe habits in an untameable ocean.

2) Gaining Confidence

If children have learned to swim in a warm calm swimming pool, then trying to swim in the chilly sea with waves crashing over them can be a little alarming for them at first, to say the least! Learning to surf can do wonders to establish confidence in the sea which will hold them in good stead for years to come. Kids will learn to negotiate breaking waves and avoid potential dangers such as rip currents, as well as learning to enjoy the ocean and gain confidence with it in a playful way. Once they know how to gain a little control and understand the tides, confidence and an enjoyment and respect of the sea will follow.

3) Exercise and Fitness

Surfing is tiring and exerts lots of energy! This can be great for a child who has a boundless supply of energy and we find that excitable children often become focused and engaged when learning to surf. It’s a great way to balance energy and give children focus – our students are usually calm and relaxed after spending an hour in the sea. Kids surf lessons build a foundation of fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination which can easily translate into other disciplines and positively affect life in general.

kids enjoying surf school

4) Determination and Perseverance

Learning to surf, especially in the UK, takes dedication. It’s not always the warmest activity (!) and surf conditions are sometimes so negligible that you wonder if it’s worth suiting up and leaving your warm car at all. That said, when you do catch that perfect wave or surf a break all on your own with no one for miles around, it’s pure magic. Teaching children that perseverance, dedication and determination payoff is a crucial life lesson and one which will carry them through life positively – a life pursued by passion is a life which can present multiple opportunities and bountiful happiness.

5) Social Skills and Camaraderie

When children regularly attend extra-curricular lessons and join a club like a surf club, they find a camaraderie and can make friends which last for life. Our little kids surf lessons operate on a ratio of 1 instructor to 4 children for children aged 5-7 years old and 1:8 for children aged 8-14; being part of something and learning a beloved skill alongside one another can fast turn peers into friends, and that goes for the parents too! Group children’s surf lessons can help your little ones to develop important social skills such as good citizenship, positive peer relations we run an inclusive, non-competitive environment with a real focus on building self-esteem.

Our vision is to create experiences that will enhance kids’ appreciation, respect & understanding for sustainable living and the world around them. If you want us to teach your little nipper how to surf then get in touch to learn more about our kids surf lessons and summer surf camp availability. Your happy, healthy confident children will thank you!

surf lessons on the beach