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Surfing Holidays in Cornwall

Fancy a weekend away learning how to surf or improving your surfing skills? Our weekend courses are designed specifically for those who wish to have an introduction to surfing or those who may have some experience and are wishing to improve. We offer two types of courses – “The Beginner Surf Weekend” or “The Progressor Surf Weekend”  These courses have been carefully structured into modules to teach you the fundamental techniques, water safety and other surfing knowledge you need to progress and enjoy your surfing safely and autonomously. We take you through the parts of the programme relevant to your surfing ability level in the time you have available. We have a great range of accommodation partners in the local area, check out their offerings here


Beginner Surf Weekend

Never surfed before or have limited experience? We will focus on learning essential basic surfing skills, surfing safely and ocean awareness. You will have 3 x 2 hr sessions, 2 on the Saturday and one on the Sunday morning with the option to hire the kit for the Sunday afternoon.  Aimed at level 1 or level 2 surfers - see below £110pp  Book Now

Progressor Surf Weekend

This course is designed specifically for those who have done some surfing before and class themselves as Level 3 or Level 4 surfer. On the Improver course when conditions allow we can explore some of the fantastic surf beaches in the area. Group sizes for the improver weekends will be limited to a max ratio of 1:4  Clients are welcome to bring their own equipment. £150pp Book Now

What’s Included?

·       3 x 2hr surf lessons 2 on the Saturday and one on the Sunday

·       All the kit, surfboards and wetsuits

·       Expert instruction

·       Option to hire the kit for the Sunday afternoon.


We have limited transport available so for those on the Improver course whilst it is not essential that you have your own transport it is preferable so we can find the best surf on the day

 What Level Surfer Am I?

Level 1/Beginner: I've never surfed.

Level 2/Beginner: I can get to my feet and ride broken waves in the white water under control.

Level 3: I can get to my feet and adjust the speed of the board, change direction in the white water and take-off on small knee-to-waist-high unbroken waves with an instructor on hand to help.

Level 4: I can paddle out and catch waist-to-shoulder-high unbroken waves, taking off on right and left hand waves and riding down the line under control with an instructor on hand to help.

Level 5: I can paddle out and catch head-high unbroken waves, taking off right and left and performing basic turns on the face of the wave without assistance.

Level 6: I can do all of the above and basic cut-backs.

Level 7: I can do all the above and I am linking turns and manoeuvres.

Level 8/Expert: I can do all the above and I am linking radical turns and manoeuvres in the critical section of the wave.






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