Surf Packages

Why not combine a weekend away with some surfing lessons? – whether you wish to learn to surf or improve your surfing then come and pay us a visit. We have a wonderful array of accommodation in the area ranging from hotels, self catering cottages, caravan parks and the ever popular youth hostel at Treyarnon. There is also a fantastic selection of gourmet restaurants and some really popular pubs in the area so you can wine and dine after your energetic day!

Before you book your accommodation check our availability. You can choose to book as many or as few sessions over the weekend. We run two sessions a day 10- 12 and 1.30 – 3.30 – all kit is provided by us or you can bring your own. So come on and have a great weekend away in one of Cornwall’s most beautiful spots!

Our Surf Packages

2 surfing lessons per day available (or a choice of other activities)

All kit supplied by us

Local, knowledgable and experienced surf coaches and guides to make your day special

Beginners surf lessons

Gift Vouchers

What level surfer am I?

Surf practice and lessons for beginner

Beginner: Lets try surfing!

I have never surfed before or feel like I need to start from the beginning. I want to learn about the surfboard, how to paddle, how to catch whitewater waves and how to stand up.

Surf practice and lessons

Improver: I can stand!

I can stand on a board and ride broken waves – I want to improve my wave selection in the whitewater and perfect my pop-up and board control so I can progress my surfing to the next level.

Intermediate surfing lessons

Intermediate: Paddling out and catching unbroken waves!

I can stand regularly in the whitewater and I am keen to learn how to paddle out safely and confidently. I want to focus on my timing and positioning and learn how to catch an unbroken wave.

Surf practice and lessons

Developer: Look out Kelly Slater!!

I can paddle out unassisted and can catch waist to chest high unbroken waves confidently. I want to perfect my take offs, stance, turning and trim.