Beginner/ Refresher Surf lesson in Cornwall

These sessions are great for complete beginners and people that have given surfing a little try once or twice before. 

During this lesson we will break down learning to surf to make it as easy as possible for you. The first part of the lesson will cover safety, positioning on the board and how to catch waves. We then move on to mastering the “pop up! We will help break this down so you can learn each stage at your own pace. If you have tried a little surfing before let your instructor know and they can give you some extra tips to help you improve. 



Beginner sessions are scheduled regularly throughout the season during peak season July/August and School holidays and public holidays we try and schedule at least 2/3 session a day. Lessons last around 1.5hr.

Age Restrictions:

If booking for an individual, 10yrs is a recommended min age however we will take individual as young as 8yrs as part of group sessions if the child is water confident and there are others in the group of a similar age. We ask that anyone under 18yrs has an adult present on the beach during lessons. please speak to us if you are unsure.

Our Groups:

The max group sizes are 1:8. We do require a min of 2 participants to run a surf lesson, if you are booking as an individual and we do not have enough people to run a session we will contact you to offer and alternative. Please note that all group sessions are open ages ranges we try our best to make groups age appropriate however this will depend on the bookings on the day


We teach all beginner surf lessons mainly in whitewater in waist to chest depth water. Conditions do vary – unfortunately we have no control over the conditions but Harlyn Bay is one, if not the best, learning beach on the North Cornish coast. We have been teaching people for more than 20yrs so know our operating parameters very well. If we have any concerns about the weather we will try our best to contact you. We do NOT cancel lessons because it is raining, We have a good supply of winter wetsuits that we use all year they keep your warm and once your in the water you won’t notice the rain!


£45pp for one off sessions. See our full lesson list for more options.