Learn to Surf 2 lesson course for beginners

Harlyn Learn to surf package is a great way to get you started. Our 2 surf lessons cover all the basics so you can then go out a practice alone. These sessions will cover everything from basic wave catching, speedy pop-ups, turning and surf etiquette. We offer surf packages on set days and times, it is great learning as a group!

Your booking options are:

Learn to surf.  These will be available mornings or afternoon sessions.

Learn to surf weekends. We will run 1 surf session on a Saturday and the second on the Sunday morning. These session are great for individuals, couples and families. For children age 8 -14  we recommend booking them in to our summer surf camp – our most popular course. 


Age Restrictions:

These are our open group sessions of mixed ages these can range from

8yrs +. If booking an individual under 10 yrs please contact us.

Our Groups:

We aim to keep our groups size one instructor to 8 people. As we have a large age range on surf lessons we will try and group our customers appropriately on the day of the lessons when possible.


We can run surf lessons as long as there is surf! We teach all beginner surf lessons in the whitewater. Some days the surf will be big some days small. Part of learning to surf is going out in all conditions. We keep an eye on the surf forecast if we think there is going to be any issues will try our best to contact you. The wind and rain doesn’t stop us!



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