Childrens 1hr Fun Surf Session

Our 1 hr kids surf lessons are a great way to get the younger ones in the water and trying this fab sport.

The fun surf sessions are specifically designed for  5-8yrs old with the focus being on building confidence. We introduce them to the surfboard, show them how to catch waves and hopefully get them standing. Group sizes are kept small and all lessons are in shallow water at their waist depth. We do not expect them to be pro swimmers however they do need them to be reasonably confident in the water i.e do not mind getting the hair wet. We don’t expect the parents to be in the sessions but we are happy for you to wait on the shoreline.



Our 1 hour fun sessions generally run on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and either a Saturday or Sunday mostly timed around midday. We schedule the sessions regularly during school holidays. Outside of main holiday times sessions are scheduled for weekends from late May/ June to September. We require a min of 2 participants for a lesson to run.

Age restrictions:

These lessons are specially designed for 5-8yrs olds. If your youngest is 8yrs + they can join our group lessons or summer surf camp.


Generally the weather shouldn’t effect this sessions along as there is surf we can run. If we have any concerns about the weather/surf conditions we will endeavour to contact you.

Price: £25pp.