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Paddleboard Surf Lessons

After you have developed good paddling skills and are confident with your stand up paddleboard on flat water, you may want to add an exciting new dimension by taking your paddleboard into a surf environment. This is a terrific experience and a real highlight. In these paddleboard lessons you will learn important safety skills, how to paddle out through small surf, enhanced turning skills, wave selection, positioning and surf etiquette. 

It essential that you have reasonable paddleboard technique before booking on this course.

This is a great introduction to Paddleboard Surfing and without proper instruction Stand up Paddle Surfers can be a hazard not only to themselves but to other water users. Safety is our priority and for that reason we operate on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis depending on the conditions. If you are unsure of your ability please call us to discuss further.


£80, 1:1  2hr  session.

£60pp, 1:2 2r session. 

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