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The last 20 years has seen an exponential increase in the number of women in surfing, with big wave surfers such as Maya Gabeira proving that surfing is not just a boy’s game and inspiring a new generation of girl surfers everywhere.

There are lots of benefits to kids taking up surfing. Surfing is a fun way to get a full body work out; navigating the water and waves takes every muscle in the body and the ability to balance on the right spot of the surfboard and shift weight between front and back feet whilst surfing a wave teaches important balance and coordination skills.

Girls go surfing at Harlyn Surf School Padstow Cornwall UK

The lessons children learn out on the water, from paddling out to riding waves prepares them for life on land as well. In today’s social media obsessed culture, where young girls are more exposed to scrutiny and peer pressure than before, did you know the benefits of surfing to help girls gain confidence and grow into adventurous, mindful and resilient women? Here are six reasons girls should take up a surfing:

1. A surfer girl learns to never give up

From learning how to paddle out, developing paddling skills and balance, spatial awareness learning to surf teaches girls to deal with challenges and setbacks. A surfer girl has the character and determination to push through difficult situations, never give up and keep moving forward to chase their dreams out there on the wave and back on land.

2. Surfing empowers girls with courage and confidence

Learning to surf gives girls a sense of pride and achievement. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of throwing yourself into challenging surf conditions or feeling the thrill of riding a wave the best you can. It boosts their self-esteem and gives them confidence in everything they do.

Surfing introduces girls to likeminded friends who are helpful, down-to-earth and adventurous girls and boys with a love of water. It helps girls to feel comfortable in their own, powerful skin and feel confident in their beautiful identify.

3. It teaches girls not to be afraid of failure

Learning to surf is all about dipping your toes into new waters every time you hit the ocean and not letting the fear of failure stop you. Surfer girls don’t live with regrets or “what ifs…”. They learn about not giving up when they make mistakes and picking up their board and paddling out, which stays with them for the rest of their life whether it’s facing a big wave, a daunting exam or a job application.

Surfer girls at Harlyn Surf School Padstow Cornwall UK

4. Surfer girls are driven and ambitious

Nothing can describe the pure joy your girl will experience riding the waves, but it can take weeks, even years, of continuous effort to master the board and feel like you know what you’re doing. By learning to surf, girls learn that it takes persistence and patience to reap rewards on the waves. The time and effort it takes shows the tireless and unparalleled dedication of any surfer.

girls surf lessons Harlyn Surf School Padstow Cornwall

5. It teaches girls to live in the moment

Girls need to unplug from digital devices that keep them connected in most other parts of their life. Surfing will take them out to beautiful places and give them phenomenal experiences, from being propelled forward by a powerful wave, to watching the colours of the sea change at sunset and riding the first wave at daybreak. Checking notifications on smartphones is replaced with a more addictive sensation: the magic of dangling fingers along a glistening wave face and thinking about nothing but the right then right now.

Taking time out in the peacefulness of the natural world will improve their overall well-being and encourage a love of activity and the outdoors that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

6. Surfing demands respect for the environment

Surfing teaches a deep and conscious respect for the natural world and the creatures that live in it. Students learn about the animals that rely on the ocean for their livelihood, and connect with their planet on a deeper level than most will get the opportunity to do.

Encourage your daughter, sister or friend to try a surfing course at least once to see if it’s something they enjoy, and get a taste of one of the most beautiful, therapeutic and friendly sports out there.