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Stand Up Paddleboarding

Top 6 Health benefits of SUP Boarding

By December 20, 2017July 6th, 2018No Comments

Top 6 Health Benefits of SUP Boarding

Written by David de Haan, owner of Standuppaddleboardsreview.com

At this point, it is okay to conclude that standup paddleboarding is one of the greatest sports of the 21st century. It has become a favorite to very many people and you cannot blame them. SUP has very few limitations. Anyone, regardless of age and size, can enjoy it. It is the ultimate sport for the entire family, and this includes dogs and kids. Moreover, paddling can be done throughout the year, even during winter.

Our main goal here at Harlyn Surf School is to ensure that you learn how to SUP like a pro; but just as importantly, that you reap the commonly praised health benefits of this activity. Do not be fooled when you see SUPers looking calm and relaxed in the water; muscles are being worked. So what are these benefits that have people going all crazy over this sport?

Benefit 1: It Is Gentle To Your Body

Sports can be intense and strenuous to the body. Well, that is not the case with stand up paddleboarding. It is a low impact activity, very kind to your body. There is a minimal chance of you damaging your ligaments and tendons while SUPing. This can hardly be said for activities like weightlifting.

Paddling is, therefore, ideal for anyone looking for a gentle sport (that should be everyone) and it is recommended for rehabilitating athletes who have suffered injuries. It helps with the healing process without causing further damage.

Benefit 2:  It Burns A Ton Of Calories

This has got to be the best benefit of stand up paddling (but you be the judge). Many activities are no match for SUP when it comes to burning calories. While paddling leisurely, you burn double the number of calories you would burn while taking a normal paced walk.

Paddling leisurely entails SUPing at a moderate pace on calm waters and you can burn 305-430 calories in an hour. SUP yoga is an interesting variation of SUPing and helps you burn 416-540 calories in an hour. 

SUP racing is very intense—as you can imagine—and you burn the most calories while at it. You can burn an average of 713-1,125, depending on the intensity of your stroke, water conditions and wind speed. Good luck finding a fun workout that burns this much calories in an hour.

Benefit 3: It Reduces Stress Levels

It is common knowledge that when people spend some time in the water, they tend to relax. The water is very soothing to both the mind and the body. The pleasing sounds of water as you wade through it, the thrill of walking on water and the beautiful scenery all make you forget the world for a moment.

As you get into a paddling rhythm and lose yourself in nature, your brain releases endorphins and serotonin making you happy. This is a great way to combat depression and stress without having to pop pills that have side effects.

Benefit 4: It Keeps Your Heart Healthy

SUP enhances your cardio fitness. Given the modern-day lifestyle, where you do not often get the chance to eat healthily and exercise, your heart is at risk. As you paddle, your body is in constant motion which increases your heart rate and in turn, speeds up cardiovascular circulation. This minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, heart attack and diabetes, among others. A healthy heart also means a healthy you, in general. This benefit alone should be reason enough for you to get yourself one of these best inflatable paddle boardsand hit the water.

Benefit 5: It Builds Your Endurance and Balance

There is no way you can become a good paddler without building your balance and endurance. To stay on the board, you need to attain and maintain an upright, stable position. At first, you will be doing more swimming than paddling and it is only through persistence that you will master the skill. After a while, you will notice that you are going for longer distances without getting tired or falling into the water.

You will realize that your focus and balance in day to day activities increases as you become better in SUP. This helps you handle life better and makes you healthier. If you play another sport like basketball or football, paddleboarding is a great way to enhance your balance while playing. It strengthens your ankles and weak muscles and reduces the risk of getting injured during games.

Benefit 6: It Is A Full Body Workout

Standup paddleboarding works just about every muscle in your body. For you to stand upright on the board, your leg muscles have to be engaged for the stability of the centre of gravity. Your arms, back and shoulders are used while propelling the paddle. The core, abdominal muscles and back are used to maintain balance.

Since balance is the most important part in SUPing, the core is the most used muscle which has greatly contributed to the sport being popular. Everyone desires to have abs of steal—and SUP has proven to be effective in attaining that.

Benefit 6: It Boosts Your Vitamin D Levels

More outdoor time means more sunlight on your skin. This translates to getting your vitamin D fix—something you will not be getting from working out in the gym. The sun is also soothing and relaxing which enhances your mental wellness. However, ensure that you wear sunscreen to protect your skin from burns.

Stand up paddle boarding is an outstanding sport. It is no surprise that it is growing fast and gaining popularity more than most other activities. Staying healthy today is a real challenge and SUP offers great solutions. This exercise is very gentle on your body, despite being intense. You get the numerous benefits without having to sustain injuries or straining your muscles too much. Standup paddling burns a lot of calories, even more than most of the common sports. It reduces stress levels—a reason for everyone to consider taking it up. Your day to day routine can make you go crazy.