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Cornwall a Dream Place to Kayak

By March 20, 2012August 16th, 2019No Comments

Cornwall a dream place to kayak

A recent survey of kayak enthusiasts has found that Cornwall is home to two of the UK’s top ten dream kayaking locations.

The online kayak resource, Sitons, polled 500 watersports fans asking them for their dream place to kayak in the UK.

The Cornish beaches and the Isles of Scilly appeared in the list, along with two Cumbria locations, three Scottish locations, Devon, Dorset and Pembrokeshire.


Sea kayaking is a brilliant way of enjoying the ocean and exploring the coastline of Cornwall. Our sit on top kayaks are designed for use for one or two people and you do not need any previous kayaking experience. We use sit on top kayaks so there are no issues with entrapment and they are exceptionally stable. So you can relax and enjoy the incredible experience of sea kayaking in Cornwall. Just get out there and have the time of your life!

With sea kayaing you are really close to nature as you are inches from the water and you can get up close to all the fascinating nooks and crannies around the Cornwall shoreline. The Cornwall coastline is extraordinarily beautiful as well as rich in wildlife. Whilst kayaking around Harlyn Bay and Padstow, you could see seals or even dolphins or basking sharks. You may also see a number of sea birds such as puffins, oyster catchers, terns and razor bills making your kayaking trip even more memorable. Sea kayaking really is a sensational way to get close to nature. Blow away the cobwebs and feel the sea breeze in your hair. Sea kayaking does not need any prior experience so kayaking is one of the very easiest ways of enjoying an exhilarating new activity in Cornwall.

Ideal for children and adults, make 2012 the year that you give sea kayaking in Cornwall a go! You will not look back! We offer guided kayaking tours along the beautiful rugged coastline around Harlyn Bay or kayaking trips on the stunning Camel estuary in Padstow. For those that may not wish to participate in a guided kayaking tour we have kayaks available for hire. Families with young children U8 can still take part in our tours as the kayaks are stable enough to have a young child sat in the middle of two paddlers. There is no charge for U8’s if you choose this option. We have some great family rates available so you can all enjoy kayaking together.