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Coasteering in Cornwall

By June 27, 2018August 16th, 2019No Comments

An adrenaline fuelled activity experience; Coasteering is one of the UK’s fastest-growing adventure sports and involves scrambling, traversing, cliff jumping and wild swimming around the coast.

Why not explore the rugged coastline around Harlyn Bay on one of our guided coasteering adventures? You will get the opportunity to explore sea lagoons, nooks and crannies and to experience exhilarating whitewater features as you swim and float in the rise and fall of the swell. There’s no better way to explore the coastline than with a coasteering experience in Cornwall.

An eco-adventure

Here at Harlyn Surf School, we are blessed to be located on an incredibly diverse bay and we connect to one of Cornwall’s most abundant reefs providing shelter to all sorts of mysterious marine life ranging from sun fish to sea badgers ?.

Expect the unexpected

Diversity is what makes Coasteering so popular because due to the everchanging swell and weather making every session unique. Large swell makes the perfect time to see the angry ocean in her almighty glory as you bob in the washing machine or get sprayed by the blowhole. Whereas flat days make it perfect for diving down and seeing the submerged cave that leads from the spider pool to the sea.


Despite the common misconception, coasteering is not an extreme sport and makes a great activity for all of the family to try! Get ready to conquer new challenges and see the coast from a totally new perspective.
Did you know, as well as being super fun and educational, Coasteering also burns loads of calories, improves mental and physical strength but also teaches navigational skills! No gyms needed here. ?


Fancy something a bit more extreme? As well as regular Coasteering we also offer Monster Sup Coasteering which combines navigating a 17t paddle board along the coast with the action-packed adrenaline of plunging into tide pools and swimming into the nooks and crannies of our gorgeous coast.

What are you waiting for? Take the plunge and book in for one of our sessions to experience the fun for yourself!