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4 Incredible Adventure Activities in Cornwall

By September 3, 2018October 28th, 2019No Comments

Whether you’re on holiday and want to try out some exciting adventure activities in Cornwall, or perhaps you’re a Cornish local who has never tried SUPing, coasteering or the like before, here we introduce our pick of the best adventure activities in Cornwall so you can finally satiate your thirst for adventure. We count ourselves incredibly lucky to be able to offer the most beautiful location for your next Cornish adventure and can’t wait to welcome you to our bay!

The Most Incredible Adventure Activities in Cornwall

1. Surfing  

The conditions here at Harlyn beach are perfect for surfers of all standards to try their hand at probably one of the most popular adventure activities in Cornwall; surfing. Being sheltered from the predominant west-south-westerly winds, Harlyn is a north-facing wide-open sandy beach with extremely clean waves (for the most part) which makes it great for learning. Surf lessons at Harlyn Bay are a real experience; it’s one of the most unspoilt beaches in Cornwall and the crystal-clear waters evoke awe in all who visit. Low-tide offers hollow and fast barrelling waves for the more proficient surfer, whilst mid-high tide sees gentle peelers which will please surfers all levels. We offer fun hour surf lesson sessions for 5-7 year olds, as well as a summer surf ‘camp‘ for 8-14 year olds.

Surfing is an awesome adventure activity for so many reasons…

  • Surfing makes you feel wild and free as you are at the mercy of the elements. This makes your adrenaline pump around your body which in turn makes you feel more alive than anything else on this earth!
  • The mighty Atlantic Ocean is rather fresh (especially in winter!) and this helps you feel invigorated, cleansed and revitalised. There’s good reason they dub it ‘vitamin sea’!
  • The sea serves as a remedy for many modern-day ills and is widely known to be curative and replenishing. Being in the ocean and at one with nature relieves tension, stress and anxiety.
  • Exerting oneself in an adventure activity like surfing releases endorphins (the ‘happy hormone’) so you feel happier and more confident after exerting all that energy in the surf.

harlyn surf school

2. Coasteering

Throwing yourself off rocks, scrambling across the rugged coastline and wild swimming in the sea are just some of the things you can look forward to when undertaking one of the most hair-raising adventure activities in Cornwall! Coasteering has grown in popularity over the past few years and is now a popular pursuit all over the country, but in Cornwall especially where the coastline is so prolific. We are blessed with dramatic landscapes just begging to be traversed… swimming in rock gulleys and jumping in to the swell are all part of the fun when you book a coasteering session here at Harlyn Bay. Harlyn has a diverse eco-system where sun fish, dolphins and seals are frequently seen – coasteering in North Cornwall has never been so rich in wildlife!

Why coasteering is such an incredible adventure activity…

  • The ever-changing swell and weather conditions make every session unique. Get sprayed by the blowhole or bob about in the frothy “washing machine” on big swell days, or dive down to the submerged cave on calm flat days to experience the turquoise depths.
  • Coasteering is great for both body and mind. Due to the physical aspect of this sport, your muscle strength will improve, as will your mental capacity and teamwork skills as you work with your fellow adventurers and carry out meaningful social interactions.
  • You will push yourself to the max and really break down those comfort barriers which will not only give you an adrenaline boost but will make you proud of your accomplishments and newly learned skills.
  • Although you’ll be pushing your boundaries, using highly trained and experienced coasteering guides from Harlyn Surf School to guide you on your coasteering trip means that you can get that adrenaline hit from doing an awesome adventure activity, but also feel completely safe and looked after. We’ll never push you to do something you don’t feel comfortable in doing (even if your friends try to!).

coasteering adventures in cornwall

3. Stand Up Paddleboarding

We were one of the first companies to offer SUP lessons, and it has become one of the most popular adventure activities in Cornwall ever since we started in 2006. Stand up paddleboarding is a low impact exercise which provides an incredible mode of transport where you can survey the stunning natural scenery all around.  SUPing is a great way to get out and about on the water to enjoy all that our beautiful coast has to offer. From our location here on the North Cornwall coast we can offer SUP adventures around the stunningly scenic Camel estuary which is a safe and serene location to enjoy all SUPing has to offer. SUP tours are popular with couples and it really is an incredibly unique way to experience the beautiful waterways and rich wildlife of North Cornwall. We even have a monster SUP which is a 17-foot beauty you and the whole family can enjoy at the same time! We can take a max of 6 adults or 10 children per monster SUP which can be used for scenic river paddles, coastal tours or for a fun fuelled surf session.

Why do we love SUPing here in North Cornwall so much?

  • As already mentioned, the dramatic rugged coastline here on the North coast is like nowhere else in the UK.
  • The unique beauty and ever-changing landscapes afforded to you by a guided SUP tour means that you discover some incredible secret coves which aren’t on the normal tourist trail.
  • Standing up above the water on a SUP gives you a unique perspective and you can see right down into the bottom of the clear blue waters. Fish and other sea creatures will swim around you and you’ll feel a million miles from everyday life…
  • Although paddleboarding takes good balance, it isn’t as hard to master as other adventure activities can be to learn and so makes a good option for those who prefer a gentle pace and relatively easy beginning.

haryln surf school SUP

4. Kayaking Adventures in Cornwall

Ever since the ancient Greenlandic Inuit tribes invented kayaks as a mode of transport to make their hunting trips safer, sea kayaking has been a common water-top pursuit. Since the 1950s moulded kayaks have been used both recreationally and professionally, especially now in Cornwall where we have such a bounty of beautiful waterways crying out to be explored. Here at Harlyn Surf School we use sit-on kayaks for our sea kayaking tours which are extremely stable and there is no risk of entrapment should you capsize.

What is it about kayaking in Cornwall that makes us love the sport?

  • Exploring little-known beaches and rocky lagoons as you quietly glide through the waters in a sea kayak gives you a vantage point for spotting wildlife such as seals, puffins and sometimes even dolphins!
  • Kayaking can improve your aerobic fitness and it will give you a whole-body workout, not just the arms. Kayaking in the sea is great for an all-round cardiovascular workout which will increase strength and flexibility.
  • Sea kayaking can be as strenuous or as relaxing as you want it to be – this is one adventure activity in Cornwall which you can pitch at your own level due to it being completely flexible depending on your whims or the conditions.
  • Sea kayaking can be done in pairs so can be a wonderfully bonding experience for you and your partner/best friend.

harlyn surf kayak

And there we have it, our round up of the four most incredible adventure activities in Cornwall! Have we missed any?

What are your favourite ways of exploring the incredible waters around Harlyn Bay and North Cornwall as a whole?

Let us know over on Facebook or Instagram and join our vibrant community. We look forward to welcoming you to Harlyn for your next Cornish adventure. Book now to avoid disappointment!